Användaravtal (engelska)

User agreement for library services in Olofström

General loan policy

Library card

Your library card is personal and should be treated with care. If your card is lost, contact the library to deactivate it.

Loan period

The general loan period is 4 weeks. For movies and magazines, the loan period is 7 days. Specific loan periods and policies may apply to interlibrary loans and books with a reservation queue. Movies and video games may only be borrowed by adults, with a maximum of 3 of each type at a time.

Late returns

For books or media (excluding children’s books) returned late you will be charged an overdue fee. You may opt into receiving an overdue reminder a few days before the end of your loan period. 14 days after the return date, a regular reminder will be sent to you. You must pay any overdue fines you are charged with even if you have not received a reminder. It is your responsibility to return your loans on time. The maximum amount for overdue fines is 30kr/book or 200kr/instance.

After 2 months, an invoice will be sent. If you have an unpaid invoice or a debt of 100kr or more, you may not borrow any more media until the debt has been regulated.

Fees & fines

Interlibrary loan (excl. children’s media): 10kr/book
Article copy: actual cost from the owning library + 5kr
Overdue adult media: 5kr/week
Overdue movies (children & adult): 5kr/week
Replacing a lost library card: 10kr
Fax: 5kr + 2kr/page
Copy/print (black & white): 3kr/A4 page, 6kr/A3 page
Copy/print (colour): 4kr/A4 page, 8kr/A3 page

Replacement fines

We charge a replacement fine for any books or media that has not been returned, has been lost or damaged. For the full list of fees and fines, visit:

Use of personal information

A requirement for borrowing from the library’s collection is that you provide the essential information we need to fulfill our end of this agreement. This includes: first and last name, personal identity number (personnummer) or date of birth, phone number, address and e-mail address. Some of this information is automatically updated through the national population registry SPAR.

Personal information may be shared within our organization and with data processors we employ in providing our services. We pledge to work in accordance with current integrity and confidentiality legislation when handling any personal information.

Your information is saved in our system for a maximum of 3 years after your last concluded loan. You may cancel the agreement at any time, so long as there are no active loans or debts on your account.

Our data controller is Kultur och Fritidsnämnden, Box 301, 293 24 Olofström. Contact our data protection officer directly via:

Read Olofström’s library’s user agreement in Swedusg:
Read Olofström’s general user agreement:


Questions and comments may be directed to Olofström’s library via phone (0454 – 936 00) or e-mail ( You can also reach us at and through our Facebook page Olofströms bibliotek.

Some written correspondence sent to us can be considered an official document and may therefore be officially recorded. By contacting us, you consent to the handling of your personal information according to these terms. We continually remove obsolete e-mail and Facebook messages.