Information in English

Information in English

Information in English

Welcome to the website for the libraries in Olofström, Kyrkhult and Jämshög. Here, you can search for and reserve books in our collection, manage your ongoing loans and find other important information regarding the library and what we offer.

Getting a library card

To apply for a library card, you can either ask at the information counter, or fill out the application on this page and then come to the library to pick up your card. By signing the library card with your name, you agree to follow our rules. Getting a library card is free. You need to bring your ID, LMA card, or some other form of identification. You can still get a library card even if you haven't recieved a personal identity number ("personnummer") yet.

Browse our collection

We offer a wide range of books and other media. You will find physical and digital formats, fiction and non-fiction genres, for adults and children alike. We also offer titles in many different languages (more on this below). You can easily search, find and reserve any books in our collection by using the search bar located at the top of the page anywhere on this website.

Swedish, English, Arabic and so on...

We provide fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults in a number of different languages, including Finnish, Arabic, Dari, Russian, Polish, French, German, Croatian, Thai and several others.

If you feel that we lack certain books or authors in our collection, we gladly accept purchase proposals.  

Newspapers and periodicals

At the main library in Olofström, we provide a selection of physical newspapers and periodicals in Swedish, English, Finnish, German, Arabic, Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian.

We also provide the digital service PressReader, which gives you access to newspapers and periodicals from across the globe. All you need is a library card. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about this service.

Mina sidor / My pages

In order to use Mina sidor, you need a PIN code. If you didn’t get one when you first applied for your library card, you can easily get a PIN code by speaking to the library staff.

Once logged on, you can view your active loans by going to Mina sidor and clicking Mina lån. Here you can also renew your loans, by making an "omlån".

If you are unable to perform a renewal of your loan, it could mean one of these things:

  • You have already renewed it the allowed maximum number of allowed times
  • It is an interlibrary loan (borrowed from another library), meaning only the library staff are able to renew it
  • The loan period has expired
  • Another patron has reserved the book

Public computers and WiFi

At the main library in Olofström, we have seven bookable public computers for printing, document editing or surfing the web. You can book them for 30 min – 2 hours by speaking to one of our staff members. It is also possible for you to scan documents, free of charge.

We offer free WiFi for your smartphone, tablet or laptop, as well as outlets for charging your devices. There is no password required for the WiFi.

Fees and rules

Borrowing from our collection is free, except for DVD’s, which cost 10:-/movie. If you request an interlibrary loan, we charge a 10:- service fee. Borrowing children’s literature is always free of charge.

The loan period differs depending on what type of media you are borrowing. Currently, the loan periods are:

All books: 4 weeks
DVD’s and magazines: 7 days

A book or media that has been reserved by another patron may have its loan period reduced to 14 days. The loan period on interlibrary loans differ depending on the policy of the owning library.

Other fees include:

  • Late returns: 5:-/week and title
  • Replacing a lost library card: 10:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged adult book/CD book/MP3 book: 275:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged adult fiction paperback book: 50:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged children’s book/CD book: 150:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged music CD (children’s and adult): 150:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged DVD/language course: 400:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged video game/CD rom: 400:-
  • Compensation for lost or damaged periodical: 20:-
  • Copies/prints: 3:-/black and white A4
  • Copies/prints: 4:-/color A4
  • Copies/prints: 6:-/black and white A3
  • Copies/prints: 8:-/color A3
  • Fax: 5:- service fee + 2:-/page

If your book is not returned on time, a reminder will be sent to you after 14 days. Even if you do not get a reminder, you must still pay the overdue fees.

The maximum limit for overdue fees is 30:-/book or 100:-/instance. Please inform the library if you have lost or damaged a book!

If your book has not been returned after 2 months, an invoice will be sent to you. If you have an unpaid invoice or a debt of 200:- or more, you may not borrow any more media until the debt has been regulated.

Contact information

Olofströms bibliotek
0454 - 93 600

User agreement

For more information, please read our user agreement.